Why should you be featured?
Being featured here on NHY will put you in front of a different audience every day. I started this blog to spotlight up and coming Youtubers that are sometimes harder to find on the Youtube Search Engine, and hopefully, this site will be a free promotional tool as well as an easier way to navigate all the Natural Hair content that YouTube has to offer!

How to be featured?
There are a few ways to be featured on this site. The first way is to spotlight your blog by filling out the YouTube Feature Form found on the bottom of the page.

Another way to be featured is to go to the YT Challenge Page. Each month, I will post a Natural Hair theme or tag, and I will also provide a form where you can submit any videos (new or old) that fit the theme. At the beginning of the next month, I will post all of the videos that were submitted for all to see. I will only post videos that were submitted before the challenge's deadline.

The last way to be featured is actually AUTOMATIC! Anyone who has submitted content for this site will appear on this site's VLOG ROLL! Placement on the vlog roll will be done in alphabetical order. However, there will be an opportunity to get your YT Channels at the beginning of the list, but I will definitely discuss this at a later date so.... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? :)

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