A good introduction or summary always answers the questions: WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? AND HOW? So here's my attempt at doing just that!

WHO...are you?
Hi, everyone! I'm Youtubely Known As...NaturalHairStyles101 where I post tutorials about natural hair styles, of course!

WHAT...is this site for?
This site was created to highlight Natural Hair Youtubers (both the infamous and the not so notorious ones)! I also want to figure out a way to make Natural Hair collaboration videos easier to create by building a close knit natural hair community right here on this blog!

WHEN...did you get this idea?
TODAY...lol... or more specifically August 8, 2012! I already knew I wanted to do a Crown and Glory Challenge on Youtube somehow. I also knew that I wanted to get some dedicated Youtubers to do it with me via vlogging, but I had (and still have) no idea who to ask and who would take the time to make video updates and such! I just knew that I wanted this to be like a Video Version of Fotki! How cool would that be?!

WHERE...else can I find you on the web?
I just created another blog called StyledNaturally which is a joint effort between me and my best friend from Just Sit Pretty! I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. My Instagram is also NaturalHairStyles101! Look forward to connecting with you there! :)

HOW...can I participate on your site?
You can either be a Content Creator or a Content Absorber! Naturally, Content Creators have their own YouTube Vlogs and contribute to the site by participating in youtube challenges or by submitting a youtube feature!

Content Absorbers just soak up all the good content they can find, and subscribe to Naturals who constantly provide outstanding content! AND...if you're up to it...feel free to subscribe to me!

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